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The View From My Window
by Father Joseph Lorenzo, OFM

Rebuilding a Catholic Parish with
Brick, Mortar, and Living Stones
ON SALE NOW $15.00 

There is nothing in the training of a Roman Catholic priest to prepare you for the adventure of being a pastor. The pastor is chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief security officer, personnel director, human resources officer, counselor, and chief bottle washer and janitor. A pastor’s job encompasses such sublime things as celebrating Mass and performing weddings and funerals to such mundane things as unplugging stuffed toilets and rescuing people stuck between floors on the elevator…

While pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Derry, New Hampshire, Father Joseph Lorenzo penned a weekly column for the church bulletin called “The View From My Window.” These funny, touching, and inspiring essays were a cornerstone to his ministry, meant to guide his flock of nearly 10,000 toward a deeper understanding of the role of the Church and as a rededication to building up the Kingdom of God on Earth. Through heartwarming and often humorous homilies and recollections, Father Joe regales us with tales of growing up in an Italian Family, his experience of life in a Franciscan friary, his travels to the Holy Land, and his desire to rebuild a Catholic parish much in need of spiritual and physical repair. Father Joe manages to cast aside the barriers that often separate a congregation from its spiritual leaders, and reveals himself as a fellow Christian soul on the path to salvation.

Father Joseph “Joe” Lorenzo, a Franciscan priest, is a native of Brooklyn, New York. He has served as pastor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Derry, New Hampshire. He is currently pastor of the Shrine Church of Saint Anthony of Padua in the SoHo section of Manhattan, New York City.

Father Joe's "First Review"

Father Joseph Lorenzo’s, “View From My Window,” is a wonderful collection of thoughts and personal recognitions. From his humor, to the serious moments, to his journey that led him to where he is now, I thoroughly enjoyed every single word.
He shares deeply personal thoughts about his thousands of parishioners, his family, friends, and most importantly, his God. I was fascinated by the fact that before I read this, I didn’t have a clue who this man was, or that he even existed; however, after reading his insightful, loving, warm, humorous, heartfelt “view,” I truly believe I would know him anywhere. 
Not being Catholic, I thought for sure I would be bored reading this book, but I have never been more mistaken about anything. He has given me new insight into a religion that I never understood. While I don’t think I’ll be converting anytime soon, I have a much better understanding of what Catholicism is about and what being a priest, friar or nun truly involves. 
Father Joseph has given me a newfound respect for their order and their choice to serve God and man in their vocations. I felt for him as he spoke of losing each of his parents and I laughed with each light-hearted story he shared. Lucky is the teenager and adult alike who has had the pleasure of knowing him. 
I applaud Father Joseph for his candor, honesty and no-nonsense approach to what he believes. I could write a review that goes on as long as his book does, but I’ll leave you with this…pick up a copy today. Whether you’re Catholic or not, you will find such joy pressed between these pages and you come away with a rich feeling of peace when you’ve finished reading. Thank you Father Joseph and God bless you. 
Terri Ann Armstrong, Editor/Poet/Author of “My Soul Has Spoken,” and 
“Where Do I Begin?” www.terrisheart.com, www.freewebs.com/rteditingservices/ The View From My Window is available through St. Anthony's Church.  Send a check for $15.00 (this includes shipping and handling) made out to "St. Anthony Church" to:
Father Joe Lorenzo, OFM
St. Anthony Church
154 Sullivan Street
New York NY 10012

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Some Reviews

A refreshing and uplifting View
Posted August 23, 2006, 1:16 PM EST: The View From My Window is a delightful collection of articles selected from his weekly column in the church bulletin. These articles not only educate and inspire you in matters of the Catholic faith, the priesthood, and the Franciscan Order, but often entertain you with lively anecdotes about Fr. Joe’s Italian family, his parishioners, and his own beliefs. Written over the course of 9 years, this compilation of articles knows how to keep your interest without sounding preachy, and you come away uplifted and feeling you know Fr. Joe personally and are part of his parish family.

Posted July 29, 2006, 11:59 PM EST: I loved the author's ability to tell his story about being a pastor of a large Catholic church in NH. He kept your interest as you read a reproduction of his weekly message to his flock. Often he is funny, motivating and inspirational. It was very interesting to read how his parish transformed over time to become a very vital parish in the spiritual, educational, and financial arenas. You definitely got the impression that Fr. Lorenzo loved his parishioners, his Church, and his Franciscan brothers. He tells a good story all while getting his spiritual message across. Highly recommend this read to all!

What a terrific book.
Posted July 29, 2006, 1:30 PM EST: I couldn't put this book down. It is a delightful collection of articles written in the church bulletin that not only show the human face of the Catholic Church and the priesthood, but entertaining and educational as well. I laughed, I cried. You will love it.
Excellent read for all....inspirational and moving!!!!, July 30, 2006
By     Avid Reader "Mike" (Los Angeles, CA) - See all my reviews
I just bought this book this past week and could not put it down. The author, Fr. Joseph Lorenzo, shares his experiences and insights on being a pastor in a large Catholic parish, a Franciscan Friar and Priest. I loved his great ability to tell his church's story, often in a funny way with anecdotes about his Italian family, his parishioners, and his own faith. I found the messages in his reproduced weekly messages to his parishioners very refreshing and often moving without being preachy and not the least condescending. He knows how to keep your interest and is very down to earth in the running of the business aspects as well as the spiritual aspects of his parish in New Hampshire. You follow the progression of his church, his parishioners, and community over a period years under his leadership and it makes you wish you were part of a congregation such as what he describes, no matter what church/faith you belong to. I highly recommend this book!!

"The View From My Window" is also available through Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Borders and at select Catholic book stores.  

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